Monday, April 16, 2007

At the start of the meal, for a night of "hot pot." This is a classic type of meal in Southwestern China. We are in Chengdu.
The 'hot pots' are built into the tables. They are fired from below with a cannister of natural gas, like we use in a camper/RV.

The choices keep coming. These might be shoots. The hot pot bowl in the photo has two sides. Generally one is spicey, the other less.

Greens, sitting on a seat. Don't eat these, or anything raw. No salads. But, within hot pot, all is fine as it gets cooked.

As the meal gets cooking, the steam fills the table.

Servers are always helpful. Often a team of folks wait on the group. We often had a spokesperson to always be the one to make requests and place orders and such.
Generally, you only use one bowl or plate throughout the meal. No forks. The chopsticks are much better anyway in most instances. From time to time spoons are used, but they are not common. No need.

Grant eating something.


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